SubFolders for Mid-Year Assessment Report Q2

File TypeFile Name
Annexure A&B_C Schedule Municipal Monthly Budget Statement 31 Dember 2014Download
Annexure C Shedule of Borrowings 31 December 2014Download
Annexure D Operating Budget 31 December 2014Download
Annexure E Capital Expenditure report as at 31 December 2014Download
Chief Financial Officer SDBIP Q2 (201415)Download
Chief Operating Officer SDBIP Q2 (201415)Download
Community Services SDBIP Q2 (201415)Download
Corporate Services SDBIP Q2 (201415)Download
Development Planning SDBIP Q2 (201415)Download
Engineering Services SDBIP Q2 (201415)Download
Executive Support Services SDBIP Q2 (201415)Download
Health and Public Safety SDBIP Q2 (201415)Download
Mid-Year Assessment Report (S72) 31 December 2014Download
Signed PagesDownload