Buffalo City Metro is currently conducting an external IDP Representative Forum. Outlining the purpose of the forum, Deputy Executive Mayor Cllr Princess Faku said, The reason why we are gathered here is to go over the following three items:

"First, we will present the Draft 2023/2024 IDP/Budget/PMS Process Plan and Time Schedule to the IDP Representative Forum for consultation."

"Second, to reflect on the key elements affecting the review of the BCMM IGR Framework," she said.

"Third, to share the process of compiling Ward Profiles for our 50 wards in our Metro."

"Now with these three items in mind, we must seek to drive their outputs together as these three spheres of government plus our external stakeholders in order to make an impact on development."

"Furthermore and most importantly, this IDP Process Plan must advance and culminate the systematic implementation of the District Development Model and One Plan."