On Thursday, the 13th of June 2024, the BCMM Speaker of Council Humphrey Maxegwana officiated the sworn in of a new Councillor Vuyani Peter to represent the African National Congress (ANC) in the BCMM Council.

Peter is replacing Ntombikayise Tom who recently passed away a month ago in May 2024.
New Councillors are required by law to swear or affirm their faithfulness and obedience to the Republic ofSouth Africa, at any time by arrangement before the Speaker and the Law Officer in the Speaker’s Office.

Cllr Peter took his oath of office before the Head of Legal Services Mlamli Zenzile. Speaker of Council, BCMM Councillors, BCMM Chief Whip Nozandile Mhlola and the City Manager Mxolisi Yawa.
Speaker welcomed him and wished him well in serving the people of Buffalo City with integrity and upholding his sworn oath. “You have been given an honour by ANC to come represent the people of Buffalo City, this role comes with many responsibilities such as, to come and assist members of your party, opposition and fellow councillors in a manner that the lives of the residents of BCM change for the better especially in service delivery. You are now expected to participate in your party’s Caucuses and Council meetings,” said Maxhegwana.

“We are going to take time to induct you in our own way and empower you so that you understand the rules of Council," he added.