The construction on the Westbank restitution human settlements project has commenced. The houses to be built are divided into 5 block and or phases. So far, the main focus is on block one and its infrastructure layout.

There have been some delays caused heavy rains and the absence of a community liaison office. 

The progress on Phase 1 is as follows:

Phase 1 sewer pipeline have been laid and will be completed Friday this week. Box cutting will commence  next week and water pipes will be laid alongside the box cutting process. A CLO has been appointed in the last two weeks. 

The houses in block one are 92 houses. Stormwater and pipe laying are anticipated to be completed end July 2024.  The Kerb Inlet brick work is expected to be completed by end July 2024. 

So far, there are currently 80 house foundations conected to sewers pipeline. The work pipeline will be conected next week upon the completion of the water pipeline network. The roadworks are estimated to be completed by mid December 2024 prohibited there are no delays to the project. The site is very much active and the contractor is on site with the team.