Fani appointed City manager

29 February 2012

ANDILE Fani has been appointed the new Buffalo City municipal manager. He will resume his duties on Thursday, 1 March. Fani has been acting in this position since November 2010.

Over the past five months, the metro has been on a recruitment drive to fill the vacant City manager's post, receiving 39 applicants for the post.

According to Executive Mayor Zukiswa Ncitha, a recruitment panel was approved by the council on 29 November 2011. It comprised councillors, representatives from the provincial government and union members as observers.

The selection and interview process included a preliminary vetting, independent data check, psychometric testing conducted by audit firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers and presentations by the shortlisted candidates. "The panel unanimously recommended to the executive mayor and to the council the appointment of Andile Fani," she said.

He was officially appointed at a special council meeting on 27 February for a five-year term. "It therefore gives me pleasure to announce to the community of Buffalo City that Andile Fani is the City manager."

A press conference will be held later in the week to introduce Fani to residents. When he took up the challenge as the acting municipal manager, he presented a set of priorities that were set to invigorate the city.

There is general consensus that he has done a good job so far. His priorities included:
  • Clean-up campaigns;
  • Getting the council ready for the transformation to a metro;
  • Focus on service delivery hotspots;
  • A turnaround strategy on supply chain management;
  • The appointment of a general manager for supply chain;
  • A turnaround strategy on financial management;
  • A turnaround strategy on financial management;
  • The appointment of a chief financial officer.

Speaking on 3 February 2011, after his first 100 days in office, Fani said: "When I first joined the institution I really did not have the slightest idea of what I was to encounter."

And he confirmed that the first 100 days had not been easy. "The issues that I have mentioned are very central to the realisation of service delivery," he said, adding that if these issues, which included corruption, were not taken care of, service delivery would be a distant imagination.

Among other measures, the City was revitalising the Buffalo City Development Agency, which had been dormant for quite some time.

Another challenge was waste management, and Fani pointed out that the council was implementing a turnaround strategy that had made a difference. However, turnaround could not be achieved single-handedly - a collective effort was needed from both the administration and the council.

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Andile Fani has been appointed the City manager

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