Adjudication procedure

October 2011


IT/17/01/DCS, IT/17/02/DCS, IT/17/03/DCS, IT/17/04/DCS, IT/17/05/DCS, IT/17/06/DCS, IT/17/07/LED,

IT/17/01/DCS - Construction of new fencing, repairs of existing fencing, and removal of existing fencing at Maria Glen (As per specs)
IT/17/02/DCS - Demolishing of existing braiistands and building of new braai stands Maria Glen (As per specs)
IT/17/03/DCS - Repair /plaster and paint Orient Main office building and 2 shelters (As per specs)
IT/17/04/DCS - Repairs to the Orient Quanza swimming pool:pvc pipes and surrounding paving(As per specs)
IT/17/05/DCS - Refurbishment of Gonubie Boardwalk(As per specs)
IT/17/06/DCS - Refurbishment of Bonza Boardwalk(As per specs)
IT/17/07/LED - Supply and delivery of fencing material and the construction of fencing for Dimbaza agricultural co-operative (As per specs)

- Closing date: 28 October 2011

IT/16/01/LED, IT/15/02/DDP

IT/16/01/LED - Supply and delivery of imputs (feed packing material and operation equipment) for Uhlaza greening Co-operative -KTW (As per specs)
IT/16/02/LED - Supply and delivery of 4-6 (6 metre) steel containers for Dimbaza Agricultural co-operative and Uhlaza greening agricultural co operative Dimbaza and KWT(As per specs)

- Closing date: 25 October 2011

IT/6/07/EIAD, IT/16/08/EIAD, IT/16/09/EIAD, IT/16/10/EIAD

IT/6/07/EIAD - Environmental impact assessment for the formalization of Masibambane, Masibulele, Velelwano, Mathemba Vuso and Gwentshe informal settlements(As per specs)
IT/16/08/EIAD - Environmental impact assessment for the formalization of Fynbos Phase 1 & phase 2 and Ndancama informal settlement (As per specs)
IT/16/09/EIAD - Environmental impact assessment for the formalization for Chris Hani park PHASE 3, Ilinge, Daluxolo Village, Francis Maimalhangu village and Winnie Mandela informal settlement(As per specs)
IT/16/10/EIAD - Environmental impact assessment for the proposed Sunny South housing development (As per specs)

- Closing date: 25 October 2011

IT/14/01/DDP, IT/14/02/DDP, IT/14/05/DDP, IT/14/06/DDP, IT/14/07/DCS

IT/14/01/DDP - Painting, carpentry and tiling to be done at Munifin building 3rd to ground floor (As per specs)
IT/14/02/DDP - Installation of 4 air-conditioned for Mdantsane tourism centre(Asp per specs)
IT/14/05/DDP - Roof repairs to be done at Market Marcantor Wilsonia (Asp per specs)
IT/14/06/DDP - Supply and lay new carpets at Buxton house 1st floor (As per specs)
IT/14/07/DCS - Construction of cricket side screen at Masingatha cricket field (Amacalegusha)15kms out of King Williams Town (as per specs)

- Closing date: 21 October 2011

IT/115/01/DDP, IT/15/02/DDP

IT/115/01/DDP - Policies workshop for councillors 23rd to 25th OCTOBER 2011- Conferencing Facilities(As per specs)
IT/15/02/DDP - Policies workshop for councillors 23rd to 25th October 2011- Trolly Bags (Asp per specs)

- Closing date: 19 October 2011

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