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BCM Council Open Day

BCM Council Open Day

Following the successful roadshows for the 2017/18 Draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget, the Metro held the 2017 Council Open Day on Wednesday 16 May at the East London City Hall.

The purpose of the day was to present the outcomes of the IDP and Budget ward meetings as well as key issues raised by traditional leadership and the business fraternity before it is tabled in Council for adoption.

Speaking at the open day, Speaker of Council Alfred Mtsi said, “Our responsibility as municipal councillors is to play a central role in promoting local democracy in the form of ensuring public participation.”

“The City has a responsibility to encourage and create conditions for local community to participate in the affairs of the municipality including the preparation, implementation and the review of its IDP.”

A summary of the key issues raised during the ward meetings were grouped into three regions of the Metro namely Inland wards, Midland wards and Coastal wards and were presented by the Chief Whip of Council Mzwandile Vaaiboom.

Vaaiboom said, “All the issues that have been raised by the people here will be taken to council on May 26 for endorsement.”

He added that the Executive Mayor’s State of the Metro Address in June will be informed by the outcomes of everything contained by the IDP.

In the Inland Region key issues that were raised included the upgrading of roads, a requests for houses, repairing of damaged RDP houses, upgrading of water pipes, electrification, upgrading of sports facilities and job creation particularly for the youth.

The Midland Region sited roads, housing, water and sanitation, refuse removal, electrification, sports and recreation facilities as well as youth development programmes as their key issues.

Coastal Region ward issues include additional communal standpipes, clarity on illegal occupation of RDP houses, electrification of new areas, land for new cemeteries, job creation and training for the youth.

Delivering his keynote address, Executive Mayor Xola Pakati said, “Today is the culmination of the journey we have undertaken to report and account to all the citizens of the Metro about what we have done and request a further mandate on what more should be done as we continue to be of service to our people.”

Pakati also presented the Metro’s medium-term expenditure budget for the 2017/18 financial year in which he painted a picture of the current economic climate in the Metro.

He said, “The economic climate is marked by immaterial growth, high unemployment, a small revenue base, aging infrastructure, a low collection rate and cost containment measures.”

Community members in attendance were given an opportunity to raise queries that might have been left out during the roadshows to the portfolio heads of the various municipal departments and also asked question of clarity on how the budget will be allocated in the new financial year.


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