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New Parking Meter system for BCM

New Parking Meter system for BCM

Buffalo City is in a process of introducing a hand-held parking management system throughout the Metro as the old system become obsolete.

The system will be operated by a marshal in a parking area and motorist will be allowed to park for only two hours.

The system, which is a park and display terminal, will also be able to scan the number plate of the vehicle to check the validity of the licence disc and outstanding fines and if there is an outstanding fine, the system will print a notice that serves as a reminder to the motorist.

Motorist can pay cash or use a parking smartcard and nonpayers will be dealt with by law as traffic service will enforce the law.

Speaking about the system, Traffic Services Commander Quintin Chetty said the system will help Buffalo City regulate and control parking areas in the central business district.

 Chetty said parking has become an issue as a result people prefer to go to malls where there is parking due to the CBD being congested.

 "We want to ensure that people come to town and do their business. We want them to come to our CBD rather than go to malls.”  

Currently, the section is conducting public hearings for the proposed draft bylaw to introduce the management system before it goes to council for adoption.

 “Council had to review what parking management system they want to put in place. The current one that runs around all cities at this stage is the hand held system,” said Chetty

 Chetty said the purpose of the hearings is to get the public’s opinions on the bylaw as it will affect them.

 Business will be also be affected by the proposed bylaw as they also utilise the parking space around the City.

 Asked when will be the system implemented he said after the hearings a report will be submitted to council and the programme is expected to be rolled out by the end of the year.

 “We want to have the programme running before the end of the year. We want to have the control parking management system by December.”

The draft by-law provides for a fine of up to R20 000 or 90 days in jail,or both for anyone who contravenes or fails to comply with the provision of the by law.

 The first hearing was held in King Williams Town and the second which was planned for Braelynn, however, the session did not sit due to poor attendance. The third session was held in Mdantsane. Chetty said, “The metro will organise another session for the East London.”

The system which is currently used by other cities will work as follows: 

·         The motorist arrives at a parking bay which is marked with a unique bay number, and is greeted by the Parking Marshall.

·         The marshal then records the vehicle’s registration number and parking bay number.

·         The marshal informs the motorist of the parking tariff and then requests the motorist indicate the period for which the use of the parking bay will be required.

·         The hand-held meter (the Park & Display Terminal) then automatically calculates the parking tariff for the parking time and the motorist is informed accordingly. Payment is made in advance.

·         The Park & Display Terminal automatically issues an electronic Display Ticket.

·         The motorist places the Display Ticket on the on the dashboard, inside the vehicle.

·         A passive parking tag/vehicle sensor is placed on the tar of each parking bay to assist the marshal to tag each vehicle.

·         The service provider employs parking marshals who are clearly identifiable to the public to operate the hand-held parking system.

·         The hand held system can also scan the number plate of the vehicle to check the validity of the license disc as well as for outstanding traffic fines.

·         If there is any outstanding fine, the system will print a notice that serves as a reminder to the motorist.

·         The system also has a built in telephone which is linked to the server room.


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