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IDP and Budget concludes

IDP and Budget concludes

In culminating the IDP and Budget roadshows the City held two events and interacted with both the traditional leaders and business stakeholders. 

The Metro set aside Tuesday 9 May to discuss the 2017/18 financial budget at Mngqesha Great Place with the traditional leaders.

The IDP and Budget is reviewed annually to allow the municipality to improve its plans and strategies and also allow citizens to give their inputs to the IDP for the year, the previous year and next financial year.

This year’s theme for the IDP and Budget Roadshows is Unity in Action: A City hard at work.

Speaking at the meeting, Chief Whip of Council Councillor Mzwandile Vaaiboom said, “The main purpose of the meeting is to present the draft 2017/18 IDP Review, Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure framework budget to the Queen of Rharhabe and all the Rharhabe Chiefs for inputs before Council adoption.”

This follows after the City consulted with all its wards during the roadshows which started on 18 April until 8 May.

Discussed during the event include including Tyutyu Phase 3 project, Umzonyana Dam Upgrade, water and the procurement of graders for rural roads.

Other issues that came up range from the community hall that was requested in Masingatha, Mlakalaka and Godidi, the agricultural support, requests for ablution facilities in Kwelerana, Mdange Village requested fencing of grazing fields and the request for electricity in Tshatshu.

Adding Executive Mayor Xola Pakati said, “Other upgrades that are planned by the Metro include the revamping of the Rharhabe royal family graves, build a tombstone for Chief Tshatshu, Construction of new King William’s Town Traffic Centre, storm water drainages, sanitation, dams and weirs, water treatment works, bulk mains, pump station, distribution mains, reservoirs, agricultural and rural development programmes.

Following the Traditional Leaders Session, City officials met with the business sector to discuss projects pertaining to their needs for 2017/18.

The Business Breakfast was held at the Regent Hotel in Quigney on Wednesday 10 May.

Acting City Manager Bob Naidoo opened the session by giving an overview of the roadshows and its success.

“We had a smooth flow of public meetings with hiccups here and there.”

The Business Breakfast is held as part of the annual IDP/Budget consultation process, this is mandated by law to involve organised business as a stakeholder in the planning and budgeting process of the municipality.

“This meeting is set to provide an opportunity for organised businesses to comment on the draft 2017/18 IDP and Budget before it is tabled in council for adoption and discuss concerns that arise during this engagement,” said Naidoo.

Some of the issues raised at previous engagements with the business fraternity included procurement processes with the City’s Supply Chain Management Office, where it was raised that there were interferences at low level when awarding contracts and rural areas being neglected in terms of economic development.

In response to this, Pakati assured businesses that the intention of the City is to bring more investment into the City not minimise it.

“We are working with other stakeholders to look at what measures can be brought to local businesses to retain and grow the current investment, this work is being done with the Department of Trade and Industry because they have an existing Supply Side Policy which we do not want to duplicate,” said Pakati.

Another concern was the inefficiency of the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Metro Growth and Development Strategy.

Pakati said that tools are being developed for the strategy and the City is currently reviewing the Supply Chain Policy Framework to include some of the issues raised such as the 30 percent participation of local businesses.

“It has been agreed in council that upon conclusion of the framework compilation, all relevant stakeholders will be engaged with for their input,” said Pakati.

Attending stakeholders also emphasised that there must be separation between business and politics.

Pakati acknowledged the concern but affirmed that the awarding of tenders follows a process which is defined by the Municipal Finance Management and there are no politicians operating in that space.

He continued to say that tenders go through a bidding evaluation process and an adjudication process where political interference is barred.

Closing off the meeting Speaker of Council Alfred Mtsi said that the principle of meaningful participation was exercised during this engagement.

He assured stakeholders that their participation will be expressed in the development of processes undertaken for governance and administration.

In closing Pakati announced that there will be a Council Open Day on Tuesday May 16, the adoption of the financial IDP/Budget on May 26 and the State of the Metro Address will be on Thursday 22 June.







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